NO Best, but Better

Customer oriented:

Namely all of our work aims at meeting customers’ needs.

Meeting customers’ needs include three meanings: First, we must take the initiative to understand our customers’ needs, and find customers’ potential needs. Second, we must meet and respond to our customers’ needs with high speed, high efficiency, best quality, exceed customers’ expectation, win customers’ high loyalty. Third, we must guide the customers’ needs, make our customers fully aware of the value of our products and service, and push our customers to a higher level of development by our advanced technology and concept.


Quality leading,

Quality is the life of LaiKing's graphit it includes work quality, product quality and service quality.

We ensure the high quality of each work, and constantly improve the appraisal standards of each work, regard “No best,but better” as guidelines, and take the initiative to improve the work quality.

Excellent product quality is the cornerstone of achieving customers’ satisfaction. Focusing on product details, pursuing more excellence, using the best raw materials and processing equipments, rapidly upgrading the product quality, is our daily job.

We spare no efforts to upgrade our service quality, supply our users with professional, all processes, and a full range of services, enabling our users to really experience the value of what we have offered.


Human centered,

We regards talents as the most valuable resources, fully respect every employee, and actively help staff secure development. Attracting, hiring, training talents, helping the staffs make career plans, and completing the mechanisms of cultivating reserve cadres, offering a wide range of development paths for our staffs, and making the right people the best use.

Constantly improving the evaluation and incentive mechanisms, establishing an open, just and fair competition and selection mechanism for talents, to outstand the talents.

Encouraging the staffs to participate in the management, completing information communication channels, building the multi-directional, rapid and smooth channel for the staff to participate in the management. Cadres should pay attention to communicate with the staffs, take the initiative to care subordinates ,and help them to secure success.

Creating a caring, vigorous and  harmonious atmosphere in the enterprise, let each staff feel the warmth and inspirations, and make the whole company full of continuous cohesion and creativity.

Sustainable development,

We pursue the reasonable growing speed based on some profits, so as to realize the coordinative development.

Building the systematic competitiveness of marketing, operation, service, management, maintaining the competitive advantage in domestic market and wining the international competition.

Actively constructing the learning group, continuous learning and absorbing advanced technology and management ideas, providing staffs with good opportunities of learning and training, promoting and carrying forward the good tradition of "transferring, help and leading", advocating actively sharing knowledge, technology, experience, creativity, etc. between employees.

We rationally use the resources, attach great importance to environmental protection, and make great efforts to promote the harmonious development with the society and environment.


Company Vision: 

Maintaining the competitive strength in domestic market, actively participating in and win the international competition.

This vision stems from our brilliant record and strength. We have established a sound marketing network , after years of effort in operation. In the domestic market, we have established the sales network, based on Danyang and Shenzhen, radiating towards more than 10 provinces and municipalities throughout the country. In overseas markets, it has formed the sales network, taking the United States, Germany, Italy, Dubaias the center, and Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia as fulcrums. Excellent product quality and good service, has won universal acclaim from our customers.

Under the guide of this vision, we will not be satisfied with the existing achieves, will actively face the increasing market competition and the challenges of globalization. We will maintain the competitive strength in the domestic market and actively participate in and win the international competition, through the continual improvement in marketing, research, service and management.


Company Mission:

We are committed to offering graphite products ,which suits Chinese customers’ needs and meets the international standard. Improving our customers’ economic benefits by quality products, competitive price and excellent service; Creating value for our customers, staff, society and other partners, by honest and efficient operation.

For customers: Continually improving product quality and service quality, sustainable improving and innovating, meeting customers’ needs, exceeding customers’ expectation.

For staff: Actively offering reasonable pay, opportunities of learning and training, a wide range of development paths, and a good working atmosphere.

For society: Continually reduce the harm to the environment by graphite products , make efforts to provide more job opportunities for the community, care the society, concern the environment and support the public welfare.


Company Value:

Customers oriented, Quality leading, Human centered, Sustainable development.

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